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Hey everyone —

John here, the founder at webdesignbuilds.com. 

I know that finding and trusting someone to create a website for you can be a daunting experience, so I wanted to tell you a little bit about myself and webdesignbuilds.com.

Lets go back over ten years to 2008
(yes I've been doing this quite a while!)…

Adele was ‘chasing pavements’ in the charts and the latest Batman film ‘the dark knight’ was topping the film box offices…

By day I was working as an 'admin assistant' and by night was fighting crime (enough with the Batman already!).
Not content with my current occupation, in the evenings I was 
attending a night school course while also completing an Open University course, both in website design. 

I originally intended to do a Photoshop course, but as nothing was available for this I ended up learning to write code. 

after completing both courses, I began applying to any local web design jobs I could find. An agency in Liverpool city centre took a chance on me and gave me my first job as a website developer. 

Despite over a year of studying, I remember on my first day having the sudden realisation that I actually knew practically nothing!

Most of the things I had learned up until now were pretty useless and I had to basically start from scratch.

The following weeks and months were tough, every word of tech jargon that my colleagues mentioned was lost on me. 

So I had to knuckle down and learn, learn and learn. Things eventually began to fall into place…

Side business 1
During this time, as my development knowledge grew, I set-up my own side business - a clever little website designed to help Ebay sellers find video games for sale online that they could purchase and re-sell for a profit. 

The website would scrape the price feeds of various online stores, compare them to the current selling price on ebay and inform my customers of the profitable titles. 

Amazingly, it was actually making me money each month! 

This is were I first grew a passion for business, especially partly 'passive' income generating businesses.

I realised that being able to earn an income and be my own boss, even if its not a full time income, is such an empowering thing to have. 

After about two years, I was getting emails and calls asking if I would be interested in working for major brand names as a contractor. This meant I’d have to relocate to London or elsewhere in UK but the experience I would gain was too good to pass up (plus the money was enticing too haha).

So I decided to make the jump to London.

Website development teams were usually pretty big, fast paced and had amazingly talented people there. I had to step up my game yet again, learn and work fast!

Over the years I’ve worked with a great selection of major brands, including Comic Relief, Flight Centre, RNIB, Thinkmarkets, as well as many high pressure digital agencies where deadlines have to be met yesterday!

Side business 2
During my time contracting, I decided to set up another side business, this time I developed an App which helped music producers and performers.

It’s still running to this day and I’m happy to say is steadily increasing in popularity. 

Which pretty much leads us up to now

My passion for growing my own businesses has led me to point were I want to use my knowledge and experience of the online world to help other aspiring entrepreneurs and small businesses expand their businesses online. 

This is the core value of webdesignbuilds.com and covers a variety of aspects such as website design, content marketing, SEO, social media and online advertising. 

If you've taken the time to read to here, I’m guessing that you are either an aspiring entrepreneur yourself or run a small business? 

If so, I would love to hear about your business goals! Feel free to get in touch using the contact form at the bottom of the page and we can go from there :)

webdesignbuilds.comOur mission…
As recent events in the world continue to affect us all. The importance of small and medium businesses in our society is becoming more and more clear.

Previous generation's moto was to ''a job for life' preferably at a large company, knowing they would be secure. But this just isn't the case any more.

These days, working solely as an employee for someone else is a very risky prospect, as large companies themselves face very uncertain times. Things can change very quickly and if they need to cut costs, you can bet one of the first things to go will be jobs. 

The need for people to have their own stream of income (especially online) which they control and can grow themselves is becoming extremely important.  

The online world is expanding and there is opportunity everywhere!

This is why I’ve made it the mission of webdesignbuilds.com to use our experience of developing websites and online businesses, to help others successfully build their own online presence, increase sales and achieve their goals.  

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